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Stephane Szendy  maîtrise les techniques de sculpture et du bijoux, alliant dinanderie, bois, bronze, verre, émaille, os, corne, patine.

Puisant dans les formes brutes de la nature et dans l’immense héritage des objets de l’histoire de l’Art. Stephane Szendy crée des sculptures avec un degré de finition digne d’un joaillier.

Stéphane Szendy controls the techniques of the jewel on wood, metal, glass, patina and bone. Drawing from the rough forms of nature and the immense heritage of the objects of the history of Article. Stéphane Szendy crée des bijoux avec un degré de finition digne d’un joaillier.

Finely engraved in various wood turpentines and various metals to which he adds sometimes other materials such as the plexiglass, the stone or of enamels, the jewelry of the creator Stéphane Szendy is very stylized and are not without evoking the art of the remote civilisations.

This work on the form is also integrated into a meticulous graphic work through the sets of scratches of colors which the materials used offer to him.

Attention to detail, always, which leads the creator Stéphane Szendy nothing to neglect and treat carefully the mounting of its jewelry to deliver an object of a total unit.



The creations of Stéphane Szendy are handmade pieces and are all created in single pieces or small series in order to highlight an individuality and add a touch of color to your daily life. I hope you will enjoy my creations as much as I like doing them.

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